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Project Details

Client: J Martin Indoor Air Quality Heating and Air Conditioning

Date: July 15, 2018

Online: www.jmartiniaq.com


J Martin Indoor Air Quality Heating and Air Conditioning are taking Orange County by storm. In April 2018, J Martin decided that he needed to have a better web presence that outweighed his competition.

After some searching for the right people to partner up with, J Martin chose Magentiv Marketing to design and build a new digital platform that is modern and easy to use for just about anyone.

We partnered with J Martin to design and develop his brand new website to meet the needs of all mobile and desktop users. By June 2018, jmartiniaq.com went live and their web traffic increased by 47% within the first week of launch. Our main focus after the launch was to monitor their analytics and drive more traffic to their website organically.

Our Contributions

• Strategy
• SEO Roadmapping
• User Research
• Web Design
• Branding
• Photography
• Responsive Web Development
• Quality Assurance
• Analytics & Optimization

The Website

The previous site design for jmartiniaq.com wasn’t creating too many conversions and had less time spent on individual web pages. We created a website that wasn’t only aesthetically pleasing, but we created a website that created higher conversions. With analytics, we’ve found out that 70% of the traffic coming to the website were on mobile devices. Using that data, we focused more on the mobile design and CTA’s (Call To Actions).


After successfully launching the website in mid-June 2018 and comparing the new website against the old website. J Martin announced that they were booked out for appointments 2 months out. The new website exceeded all performance goals in the following areas:

7% Increased Conversion Rate

20% Increase In Web Related Phone Calls


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