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We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we think is very important for a business owner to know. If you do not see a question on this list that you think would help future business owners know about our services, please feel free to email us at info@magentiv.com. We do appreciate any feedback that could help improve our frequently asked questions webpage.

What does Magentiv Marketing do?

We are a Southern California Digital Marketing Agency offering a full slate of marketing services including Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, mobile messaging, social media marketing, marketing strategy, content marketing, Graphic design and Website design and hosting.

What’s the best way to contact Magentiv Marketing?

Call 951-491-4769 or send an email to info@magentiv.com. We have an awesome team that is waiting to work with you.

What kinds of industries and businesses does Magentiv Marketing work with?

We work with all kinds of businesses including those in transportation, hospitality, professional services, real estate and retail. We take the time to learn about your business so that we can create and come up with effective strategies to promote it in the best way possible.



What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is important for any business. It’s the creation of original content and sharing it across any social media or online channel to promote your business. Content can take any form such as blogs, press releases, online and offline articles, photographs, videos, branding and more.

How would my business benefit from working with Magentiv Marketing?

We can operate as your outsource marketing department to provide you with support in the areas you need that best helps you succeed and grow as a business.